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Interview – Judge Jules

April 1, 2005

Judge Jules

How’s your day going?

I’m on a Finnair flight from Helsinki to London Heathrow, coming back to the UK for my weekend gigs and to check out the new releases from the past couple of days.

How was the Miami Winter Music Conference?

I was only there for two days, so I didn’t check out any other parties apart from the two where I played, both of which were outstanding. Most importantly there were lots of close old friends there to hang out with.

You have a website and keep it pretty up to date, you also claim to reply to every E-Mail sent to you. Do you think that having this kind of web presence is important for DJ’s?

I think it’s exceptionally important. Answering 500-1000 emails per week and updating my site takes 20 hours plus per week. However, just about no other dj seems to do this- most other djs’ sites are updated very infrequently, so perhaps I’m being over-keen!

Is it true that you got your name from having a degree in Law?

Yes, it was a nickname that kinda evolved from my legal background. Like all good nicknames it was given to me by a mate and stuck. I don’t think anyone should make up their own nickname- it’s your mates’ task.

Where did you study?

LSE (London school of Economics)

How did you first get into Dj’ing?

Promoting my own parties, both legal and illegal in North London.

What do you think about laptop DJ’s? Is it possible to do a good, beat-mixed set?

Two or three of the world’s top ten dj’s use laptops, but personally I think it looks a bit too nerdy and scientific. Having said that, I play only cdr’s, not vinyl any more, since nearly everything I get arrives on cd or mp3.

How do you feel about the music industry at the moment, is it evil?

I wouldn’t say evil, but there’s a lot of complacency and playing it safe in major labels. Most of the innovation starts life in the independent sector, and only gets taken on board by the majors once it becomes a safe bet.

Do you think that file sharing is harming sales, or is it helping artists reach a wider audience?

As a dj, file sharing of my live sets has definitely generated work in far-flung parts of the world, but at the same time it’s had a hugely detrimental effect on music sales, particularly in genres such as dance music that appeal to the technologically savvy.

What made you decide to switch to CD mixing?

I do my own edits of 99% of the tunes I play so it’s a necessity. The amount of travelling I do makes it vastly more convenient too.

Is there much difference in using CD’s over Vinyl?

The physical process of mixing is pretty much identical, but the ability to rapidly return to a set cue-point is a major plus point for cd mixers.

What sort of set-up do you use for producing?

Mackie digital desk, Logic pro audio with Pro Tools, lots of plug ins and sound cards.

What’s on your rider?

A bottle of vodka and a flask of cranberry, enough light to see my cd’s behind the decks (it’s amazing how often things are too dark) and minimum deck height of 4’6″ to help my back problem. Low decks can send you
straight to the chiropractor the following day.

What’s your favourite gadget, the one you couldn’t live without?

My laptop (Mac G4 aluminium)

How do you listen to music on the move?

Via i-Tunes through my laptop. I’ve got an i-Pod too, but I’ve always got my laptop with me, so I use that more often.

What’s your all time favourite album?

Joy Division- Closer

Who have you most enjoyed working/playing with?

Too many to mention- Norman Jay, John Kelly, Eddie Halliwell to name but a few.

If you could collaborate with any artist, living or dead, who would it be?

James Brown

Do you have any plans/projects in the pipeline for the future?

Artist album due this year, mens’ clothing line due late 2005, the return of our successful Ibiza summer club night Judgement Sundays in June, and the May re-opening of our Ibiza restaurant and Bar Kasbah… And of course the summer dance festivals.