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Magic Bicycle

January 28, 2006

Magic Bike
Completely pointless post, but Meghan took this picture of me, and some lucky reflection made me and my traffic-jam-beating Dawes look like this. Things I have noticed since I started riding everywhere:

  • I am getting fitter, and get exercise everyday – my beer belly gets smaller every day.
  • When I get there I feel far more awake than I ever did before, and when I get home I am less uptight, if a little sweaty.
  • I can park my bike anywhere I want, places you can’t park a car without getting it towed.
  • I often beat cars on journeys, and ride straight through the middle of traffic jams. The look on drivers faces as I do this makes me smile.
  • I am saving £3-4 a day on travel, which I spend on too much coffee.
  • I get to see far more of the city, taking scenic routes and seeing all the wonderful condom strewn parks it has to offer.
  • I get to complain about unaware, polluting car drivers in a condescending and patronising tone as though I care more than I do.
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