Humument – Book Within Books

February 22, 2006

Copyright is a major part of creation now, whether you write software, poetry, websites, novels, or create music you have to worry about copyright. A fine example of what can be produced if these constraints are lifted is Tom Phillip’s creation, Humument. Basically, by obscuring pages, but leaving some words exposed, he has created a story within a story. The original text is a Victorian novel; W.H. Mallock’s, A Human Document, written in 1892 and bought by Phillips in Peckham Rye for 3 pence. It has been turned into hundreds of pieces of visual art, with every page being a delight to the eye, but has also been turned into a new text. It’s a beatiful example of a combination of works, as with mashups, but with the bizarre twist that the new text is entirely dependant upon the original, yet entirely seperate too.


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