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Interview – Avi Muchnick

October 20, 2006

Avi Muchnick co-founded Worth1000 with Israel Derdik. Now he’s setting his sites on grabbing a piece of the news aggregator market with his new site, Plime. Plime differs from market leaders such as Digg, as it allows users to edit the submissions, in a similar way to Wikipedia.

Matt: So, maybe you could tell me a little about how you started Worth1000?

Muchnick: Sure, I was a graphic designer, but got laid off and decided to go to law school… in the interim before school began I had an idea for a quality Photoshop contest site.

Until then, all I’d seen online were goofy ones done for kicks, but real artists didn’t really participate, or if they did, they got drowned out in a sea of clichés and Internet memes.

Matt: So, worth1000 was set up for the more talented designer?

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