GMail is Down

March 27, 2007

Sorry if you can’t get hold of me – GMail is down and I have just realised that I’m almost incapable of doing anything without it.

Lesson learned – don’t rely on one email address.

Is anyone else having problems? I haven’t been able to log in for a few hours now.

Update: It’s now Wednesday morning in London, and I’m still locked out of my email. It seems like the problem is solved for the ‘vast majority’ of users though, which is good. Sorry if you’re waiting on an email from me.

 Update: At work now, and I have my email back. Thanks Google.


2 Responses to “GMail is Down”

  1. Doug Says:

    Ditto. I’ve been having problems for the last little bit…

  2. Lei Says:

    Yup, mine’s been down since this morning. I’m based in Redmond, WA and no email has left me crippled. this sucks

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