Goodbye PC Pro, hello EDP

November 3, 2008

Since I came back to London over a year ago I’ve been writing for PC Pro. It’s a varied job; product reviews, news, blogging and podcasts, have all kept my Generation Y, short-attention-span mind occupied, and I’ve loved it. The team gets on, too, which always makes a job much more enjoyable.

But, I’m still leaving.

I’ve decided to try my hand at newspapers – as if a monthly deadline isn’t stressful enough. I’m heading back to my old hometown, Norwich, and starting work for the Eastern Daily Press. It’s going to be a culture shock; it was founded in 1870, which is before even the first generation iPod came out, I believe.

During his twenties my dad was covered in the EDP for his football prowess (which skipped a generation). My parents read the EDP when I was a kid, and I read the cartoons. I bought it at university to keep up with local events. I even worked there briefly, on the website, as a summer job. In short, there’s a lot of history there, and I’m looking forward to starting.

My first four months will be spent in Newcastle, taking the NCTJ course, then it will be back to East Anglia for assignment in one of the regional offices. I’m missing Pro already, which is weird, because I’m sitting at my desk now.


One Response to “Goodbye PC Pro, hello EDP”

  1. Adam Says:

    Congrats buddy, you’ll be a natural, and I’m sure happier to live in the finest city in the UK (at least quality of living wise).

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