Biarritz to Barcelona by Bike, Day Seven

November 10, 2008


Being out in the open, we woke up early, ludicrously early. We were both very sore, tired and grouchy at this point, which could explain how we ended up cycling for 11km on a motorway instead of the road we aimed for. Later we found out that the police are pretty strict about this heinous crime, and tend to hand out 500 Euro fines.

After this slight navigational cock-up we arrived in Mollerussa, where we hid from the midday sun in a cafe while a friendly stranger bought us a drink.

By this point Dave’s knee was hurting quite badly, and without the challenge of any more mountains to climb he considered jumping on a train for the remainder of the flat distance to the coast.

I convinced him this was a bad idea, and his turn at whinging was promptly finished. Later we passed through Igualada, where we were bought some more drinks by some more friendly strangers.

The next stretch was a bit of a pain. We went only a few miles before we started getting lost, and progress slowed to a halt. We arrived at a junction where the road turned into a motorway which wasn’t on our map, and we rode in circles for hours trying to circumvent it.

In the end we risked a fine by riding on the motorway for a spell, then came off again and opted to go over another Col to get around it. By 10pm it was foggy, dark, and we were throroughly lost. We were making no real progress, but covering lots and lots of miles. We saw a hotel an hour later, and at the front desk we were told that there was no way to cycle from there to Barcelona, at all. We considered this set-back over a few beers.

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