Biarritz to Barcelona by Bike, Day Six

November 10, 2008


We woke up in Spain, and I had a quick wash in what we later found out was called the “River of Death”. It was actually very refreshing, and not at all poisonous/doomed.

Dave speaks wonderful Spanish, so we set off to find some people to speak Spanish at, and hopefully buy breakfast from, having wolfed down the last of our supplies the night before. We stopped at the first place we saw and ate rabbit for breakfast. Wild rabbit has virtually no meat on it, and we discuss the fact that I once heard (from Stephen Fry, so it must be true) that you die of malnutrition if you only eat rabbit meat. We decide to eat several chocolate bars each, just in case.

It works, and we got 45km before we had to stop again for lunch in Ainsa. Unforunately, everything was shut, so we decided to try for the next town. There was nothing for 25km, and we started to run very low on water. When its really hot, and you’re working hard, it’s amazing how much water you need.


Frustratingly, we passed a beatiful lake that was more blue than can possibly be natural. I wanted to go for a swim, but there was no way down to the water from the road. I think if I had managed to get in I would have been posioned by whatever terrible chemical made it that gorgeous colour.

The sight made us even thirstier, but the landscape at our height was almost desert. Along the road were lots of snow warning signs, although it was nearly 40 degrees. Eventually we arrived at Barbastro and bought what food and drink we could find, which consisted mostly of a 7 Euro jar of jam and some bread.


After this odd dinner we set off again and kept going until 11pm, by which time we’d covered 127km. By this point we were so tired, and it was so dark, that we couldn’t put the tent up. We found a field and slept out in the open in our sleeping bags. We were right next to an animal shed full of what we presumed were some very sick cows. Sick cows make some very strange, and very scary noises.

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